Incredible Lynn kids go to the state house

(Photo courtesy Frank Gill)

BOSTON  — Amayah McKinney couldn’t wait to get out of bed  Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, the 10-year-old Callahan Elementary School student learned she and other Camp Fire North Shore participants from Lynn would celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day at the State House.

“It’s so exciting,” she said at the foot of the Grand Staircase as her 5-year-old sister, Jailah, looked on. “We got out of school early, rode the bus to Boston, and gave the governor a high-five. Wow.”

The fourth grader and four dozen classmates dressed in their bright blue, yellow and red T-shirts, came to Beacon Hill as guests of Gov. Charlie Baker and the North Shore delegation.

Darrell McKinney was on hand to watch his daughters as the governor declared next Thursday Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.

Founded by Camp Fire, the nationwide youth organization, which offers after school programs and a summer camp, the national holiday encourages adults to send notes, emails, letters, texts, or videos to encourage and inspire young people.

In hand-written letters to his daughters, McKinney praised them.

“I wrote how much they matter, how much they mean to their mom and me, and how awesome and incredible they are,” he said. “I want to let them know I’ve got their back.”

State Rep. Daniel Cahill (D-Lynn) introduced Baker and brought cheers when he asked, “Are there any absolutely incredible kids here today?”

Baker reminded the kids he lives next door in Swampscott and used the time for a teachable moment.

“A proclamation is an order from the governor … and we are proclaiming Absolutely Incredible Kids Day on March 15 and urge all 6 million people in the commonwealth to celebrate it,” he said. “So tell everyone, it’s your day next Thursday and I’m pretty sure you’ll get cake.”

Cathy Tisdale, president and CEO of the Camp Fire, said having the governor meet with the children was a treat.

“This is very special for these kids and their parents,” she said. “It’s a chance to meet the governor, get out of school early, and come to the state capital. How can you beat that?”

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