A great escape in Saugus

A captured a chipmunk in the backyard of a Saugus home on Thursday. (Spenser R. Hasak)

Editor’s note: Item photographer Spenser Hasak caught a glimpse of nature in action last week while on assignment. The story has a happy ending (unless you’re the cat), and Spenser describes the scene below.

I was parked at Saugus High School for an assignment and walking up to the building when I saw something move. I looked over and saw this cat creeping though a backyard. I could see it had something in its mouth. I was about 30 yards away and at first I thought it was a fish. When I walked up and saw it was a chipmunk, I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

As I got closer to take more photos, the cat froze and eventually dropped the chipmunk, which I thought was dead. But seconds after being dropped, the chipmunk flipped over, paused, and took off. The cat let it go and just stared at me.

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