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Crighton wins, to the surprise of no one

This article was published 5 year(s) and 2 month(s) ago.

Brendan Crighton, right, talks with his sister-in-law, Irene Crighton, following his victory on Tuesday. (Owen O'Rourke)

LYNN — State Rep. Brendan Crighton’s supporters didn’t wait until the polls closed Tuesday night to party.

The celebration started well before 8 p.m. at Tony’s Pub & Grill as the Lynn Democrat, who ran unopposed to fill the senate seat vacated by Mayor Thomas M. McGee, declared victory early.

“The results aren’t in yet, but we’re pretty confident that we will pull this off,” Crighton told the packed crowd. “I can’t thank all of you enough for knocking on doors and holding signs in 10-degree weather.”

Crighton, 34, singled out his campaign manager, Kalen O’Hare, his parents, Kevin and Diane, and his wife, Andrea, for their support.

“It was not an easy election to get excited about,” he said. “But you all were there and I thank you.”

Mayor Thomas M. McGee, who hired Crighton more than a decade ago just out of college to join his senate staff, said he has proudly watched him evolve as a public servant.

McGee, who played Pop Warner football with Crighton’s father, said he’s proven to be a leader in this district.

“I know he’s the right guy for the job at the right time,” he said.

Crighton received 2,854 votes across the Third Essex District including 1,316 in Lynn, 175 in Lynnfield, 573 in Marblehead, 205 in Nahant, 299 in Saugus, and 286 in Swampscott.

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