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Saugus T worker charged with paying someone to dress as Michael Myers and beat him up

BOSTON — An MBTA trolley driver from Saugus fraudulently collected workers’ compensation and disability insurance after allegedly paying an associate to wear a Michael Myers costume and attack him on the job, according to a new indictment.

Thomas Lucey, 46, was indicted on two charges of insurance fraud and single counts of workers’ compensation fraud, misleading a police investigation, and perjury by the Suffolk County Grand Jury Wednesday.

MBTA transit police responded to Cedar Grove Station on the Mattapan Trolley line shortly after midnight on Oct. 30, 2016 after receiving a report that a man wearing dark coveralls and Michael Myers halloween mask, and carrying a plastic pumpkin, had attacked a trolley operator.

Lucey reported that the assailant pulled him out of the trolley and punched him repeatedly as he lay on the ground before fleeing the area, according to a statement from Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office. He was transported to Carney Hospital after the assault.

Responding officers collected the plastic pumpkin left behind by the alleged assailant as he fled. Fingerprints were lifted from the pumpkin and ultimately led to an acquaintance of Lucey, who cooperated with the investigation, according to the statement.

The attacker told Transit Police that Lucey had paid him $2,000 to take part in the planned assault, which was corroborated by bank and phone records that showed communication between the two before and after the attack.

“Effective investigators follow the evidence wherever it leads,” said Conley in a statement. “Here, it led us away from first appearances and toward a staged assault for financial gain. We allege that this was a deliberate deception and a crime. Every dollar spent on a fraudulent claim is a dollar that can’t go to someone who deserved it.”

Lucey filed paperwork to receive workers’ compensation, where he allegedly made false statements regarding the assault and signed the document under the pains and penalties of perjury. He also received long-term disability insurance, citing post-traumatic stress as a result of the incident.

MBTA Transit Police detectives investigated the assault and Assistant District Attorneys Cailin Campbell and David McGowan led the grand jury presentation. Lucey is represented by attorney Steven Borelli and is expected to be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on March 20.

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