An extra day of learning at Marshall Middle School

Thurgood Marshall Middle School's Chris Cornett takes students through the process of picking out key information in a paragraph. (Spenser R. Hasak)

LYNN — The English Learning students of Thurgood Marshall Middle School always look forward to extra learning opportunities and fun at the school on Saturday afternoons.

“I like coming here because I can learn with my friends,” said Nicolas, who was working on a scavenger hunt with some other students.

The students were dropping by different sets of checkpoints in the room, each containing information about colonial America. Eventually they would use what they learned to create a timeline in an exercise that helps teach transition words, according to teacher Amy DeRosa.

“They are here to help learn English,” she said. “The more practice the better.”

More than 60 English Learning students gather at the school for the program that DeRosa proposed last year. They each get a chance to practice English, math and computer skills.

“They’re always so happy to be here. They’re willing to take risks and be active while learning,” DeRosa said.

Upstairs, English as a Second Language teacher Chris Cornett was with a classroom of more students, working on an exercise where students sorted important information from a short story.

“It’s fun to be able to use the computers and spend time with friends on Saturdays,” said student MarJorie Nunez who was working on the exercise with friends Nadesha Martinez, Melodhye Aristy, and Brianna Pelance.

“It’s important,” Cornett said about the program. “It helps get kids involved in school that otherwise may not be.”

“They make us love our job. The kids are so great,” DeRosa said.

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