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What’s with the dancing Statues of Liberty all over the place?

Lynn resident Christopher Dirico wears a Statue of Liberty costume and grooves to music as he attracts business for Liberty Tax Service on Lewis Street in Lynn on Thursday. (Spenser R. Hasak)

LYNN — Liberty Tax Service on Lewis Street tries to get people excited about doing their taxes, which is usually a mundane experience, by stationing dancing Statue of Liberty mascots outside the business.

Arianna Murrell-Rosario, branch manager of the Lewis Street business, said the Statue of Liberty is part of the branding process — the people dressed up as Lady Liberty, which are referred to as wavers, dance or play instruments, and are designed to attract businesses to the various locations across the country.

Murrell-Rosario said the wavers only make an appearance while the company is open during tax season, which started this year on Jan. 8 and ends on April 17. Sometimes, Uncle Sam makes an appearance. The concept was started by the company’s corporate office in 2004.

“It’s a marketing campaign that we do so it gets people excited about doing their taxes,” Murrell-Rosario said. “They see Lady Liberty and they say, oh, I’m going to check that place out and they come. We also try to have a really nice, friendly atmosphere in the office and we try to make the prospect of doing taxes stress-free for people because it’s a very stressful experience for a lot of people.”

Essie Phillips, a Lynn resident, said it’s her third year as a waver. She also volunteers with the Salvation Army. She said the goal is to get people into the business. Cars driving by the company on Thursday afternoon were beeping their horns in response to her sign that read: “Honk if you love liberty.”

Phillips said her strategy to bring people in is simple.

“My strategy is dancing,” she said.

Murrell-Rosario said the company tracks marketing of the wavers — she said people are asked how they hear about Liberty Tax Service and a lot of people will say because they saw the wavers.

“We’re just very down to earth,” Murrell-Rosario said. “We’re not stodgy. We’re not stiff. We build relationships with our customers and our clients and we build rapport with them. So, the wavers, what they’re doing is they’re building relationships with the community.”

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