Bin there, done that: Councilor wants recycling changes considered in Peabody

PEABODY — Jon Turco is tired of plastic bottles, cans, and newspapers toppling out of tiny recycling bins onto city streets.

For the third time in a year, the Ward 1 Councilor is asking the council to consider asking the city’s recycling contractor to provide larger, covered recycling bins for residents.

“We need to update our containers, let’s provide containers that we can cover so the recycling doesn’t blow all over the streets,” he said. Turco recommended the issue be brought up by the council’s public services committee, a request he said he made twice last year.

He has also asked David Terenzoni, public services director, to get a cost estimate for the bins from JRM Hauling and Recycling, the contractor.

Until a decision is made, several councilors said there are other steps residents can take to ease the overflow.

“You can take a barrel with a cover and put a sticker on it you can get at City Hall so (JRM) knows the barrel is for recycling,” said Ward 5 Councilor Joel Saslaw.

Council president Ed Charest said he makes the most of limited recycling space by crushing two-liter soda bottles before tossing them in the bins.

Larger recycling bins would be a hit with some Peabody residents.

“Larger bins are 100 percent needed,” said Mike McMahon. “We went out and bought more bins ourselves because we fill up the small ones so quickly.”

Peter Lemole said the small tubs are not big enough for all the recyclables of a typical family.

“I am sure things are thrown out by people because there is not enough room for them in our bins,” he said.

The city might want to consider extending recycling bins to include purchasing trash barrels, as well, Ward 2 Councilor Peter McGinn said.

“I’d like to hear from the department of public services and JRM,” he said. “A lot of communities do both trash and recycling in uniform containers.”

Councilor-at-Large Anne Manning-Martin said she’d like to examine JRM’s latest contract with the city.

“I’ve not seen the contract, I’d like to request that to review it so we can see if we are getting what we are owed,” she said.

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