Medford person of the Year: John Veneziano

John Veneziano is the Daily Item's Person of the Year in Medford.
John Veneziano is the Daily Item's Person of the Year in Medford. (Spenser R. Hasak)

MEDFORD — John Veneziano did not have to look too far to choose his base of operations when he began to build what is now one of the largest privately-owned residential and commercial real estate firms in the region.

Andrew Realty, whose main office is still located in the heart of Medford Square at 12 High St., has grown from five agents and one office when Veneziano acquired the former Andre Realty in 1992, to 94 agents and nine offices.

In addition, Veneziano, a Medford native, has transformed the operation to an essential “one-stop shopping” site by adding “all the necessary service required for a real estate transaction.” At Andrew Realty consumers can get mortgages, insurance, legal assistance, Home Warranty products, and other types of services.

Veneziano has long been involved in a number of charitable and civic endeavors for decades, including holiday and one-time events that promote the city and all it has to offer.

He has been a strident supporter and prime mover in the Medford Chamber of Commerce for many years along with chairing the Chevalier Theatre Commission.  Under his leadership the commission made a bold and historic move when it sought out and endorsed the city’s hiring of a full-time, professional management firm for the 60-year-old theater.

Veneziano described his role in bringing Blumenreich Presents, which managed the Wilbur Theater in Boston, to Medford.

“I was attending a Chevalier meeting in which former Mayor Michael McGlynn had been attending. I expressed my concern that the theater was being underutilized. He saw the passion I had for the success and future of Chevalier and asked if I would join the current Chevalier Board and work on assisting the board on bringing in an Independent company to take over the management of the theater and shows,” Veneziano said. “With the continued support of current Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke and her staff, the board and I were able to work with the city to bring in the Wilbur Theater management group.”

Veneziano is also bringing his passion for his city to his new role as president of the chamber of commerce.

“The Medford Chamber of Commerce means business and I would like to see its membership grow with the many large and small businesses in the city,” he said. “Many businesses do not realize the work behind the scenes that takes place to assist the businesses every day in issues such as parking, permitting situations, and events to increase activity in the squares.”

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