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Lynn District Court says goodbye to ‘Bert’

Judge Albert Conlon delivers his farewell speech to a jam-packed Courtroom 2 at Lynn District Court on Friday. (Spenser R. Hasak)

LYNN — First Justice Albert Conlon, known by those closest to him as Bert, has retired after 15 years of making the Lynn District Courthouse a family. Family, friends, and colleagues had a chance to say thank you during a special retirement ceremony was held at the courthouse Friday afternoon.

“Everyone knows that the great ones are known simply by one name, Oprah, Bono, Shaq… When you say Bert everybody knows who you are talking about,” Lowell District Court First Justice Stacey Fortes said. “When you hear his name you smile and think about the last time you were with him or maybe the last joke he told you.”

People packed the room to pay tribute to a man described by many as devoted to his community. Staffer had to stream video of the celebration into a separate courtroom for the overflow crowd.

Regional Administrative Justice Robert Brennan, using a baseball metaphor, called Conlon a five-tool judge, citing his intelligence, street smarts, versatility, efficiency and demeanor.

“I know however much you miss us, we will miss you infinitely more,” he said.

Judge James LaMothe said Conlon was the first one inside the courthouse and the last one out. He would also often work long Saturdays at the courthouse, according to LaMothe.

During his career Conlon also worked with the Greater Lynn Bar Association (GLBA) and helped with their conciliation program.

“He may be the most compassionate person I know,” Attorney James Carrigan of the GLBA said.

Conlon thanked everyone and his family, and made sure to land a few jokes bringing laughter from everyone in attendance.

“This has been the job of a lifetime a dream come true and because of the staff it has become better than a dream,” he said.

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