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Lynn will tap Stephen Archer for its new Fire Chief

Deputy Chief Stephen Archer.
Deputy Chief Stephen Archer. (Photo courtesy Lynn Fire)

LYNN — The city has a new top firefighter.

District Chief Stephen Archer was the top scorer among four candidates for the $100,000-plus a year post.

“It’s exciting and quite an opportunity,” said Archer. “It’s a challenge, but we’ve got some great individuals in this department with progressive minds. My intention is for us to put our heads together and do what’s best for residents and the department.”

The 53-year-old District Chief was selected by MMA Consulting Group Inc., a Plymouth company, which provides an Assessment Center comprised of an expert panel that interviews candidates. The eight-hour interview asks their responses to real-life situations, grades them, and recommends the top candidate to the mayor.

The other candidates included District Chiefs Timothy Collier, Arthur Richard, and Michael McBride, who faced a team of interviewers last month.

Archer was 29 when he joined the department. A former union electrician, he switched careers at the urging of his younger brother, a member of the Swampscott Fire Department.

“He encouraged me to apply,” he said. “He loved the job and let me know how great it was. In this job, I am serving the community and forming a camaraderie with fellow firefighters. My brother was right, it’s a very rewarding career.”

Chief James McDonald plans to retire at the end of the month after more than four decades as a firefighter.

“I know Steve will do a great job,” he said. “He has the experience, knows how to handle people, he’s a great firefighter and that’s a No. 1 building block. He will be really good at it.”

Mayor Thomas M. McGee declined to comment. A spokeswoman said an announcement will be made at a later date.

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