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355 cars were towed in Lynn thanks to the nor’easter

Thursday’s nor’easter dumped a foot of snow in Lynn and caused headaches for residents and plow drivers.

More than 600 tickets were issued during the snow emergency and 355 vehicles were towed to the city’s lot off Western Avenue next to Market Basket.

“That’s about average for a storm of this size,” said Robert Stilian, the city’s acting parking director.

If your car was towed, prepare to pay $170 cash at the lot to G/J Towing to retrieve your vehicle. If you also received a $150 for parking on a major artery during the snow emergency, the law allows 20 days for payment to be made.

Stilian said he feels sorry for anyone who couldn’t move their car in time. But streets need to be clear for motorists, fire equipment and other emergency vehicles, he said.

While the city stands to collect nearly $57,000 in fines, Stilian said it’s not about revenue.

“It’s all about public safety,” he said.

The snow emergency was lifted Friday morning, but Stilian warns residents that tickets will be issued to cars blocking the street or preventing snow removal.

City officials said all vehicles must be removed from Lynn Public School lots or they will be subject to towing.

In addition, residents and business owners are asked to please clear out fire hydrants and crosswalks in their neighborhood for public safety.

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