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City Council and School Committee members take their oath in Medford

Mayor Stephanie Burke being sworn in to office with her family by her side (Marianne Salza)

MEDFORD — For the past two years Mayor Stephanie M. Burke has worked diligently to ensure the city is a safe environment for all, promoting constructive dialogue and community building, and hiring the city’s first full-time addiction recovery coach. During the Dec. 31 Medford Inaugural Ceremonies, the newly re-elected mayor affirmed her commitment to developing Medford for families, businesses, and students.

“This is a recognition of our past accomplishments and as a reminder for residents that we are embarking on a fresh start, a new vision, and an invitation to creativity as we work together for the good of our Medford,” said Burke.

City Council and School Committee members also took their oath of office during the New Year’s Eve morning at the Marsha Caron Theater in Medford High School.

“In Medford, we have a firm foundation of quality that can be built upon to meet the challenges and aspirations of our future,” said Superintendent Roy Belson, Master of Ceremonies. “In two short years, our mayor has made great strides in moving Medford forward – health, education, economic stability, and the preservation of the environment.”

Gov. Charlie Baker said the Commonwealth of Massachusetts believes in a collaborative government, and that the success of the state depends on the work and accomplishments of citizens, local governments, and the private sector.

“I want to say how much of a joy it is to work collaboratively with the newly re-elected mayor, and with the members of the local government,” said Baker. “Whether it is work we’ve done with the green community, or the simple things we do with our shared assets, we look forward to working with Mayor Burke and her team in Medford.”

City Council President Richard Caraviello praised Medford for its recreational activities along the Mystic River, celebration of the arts, revitalization of shopping centers, and for being a center of technology and science.

“What a remarkable community we live in,” said Caraviello. “Together the leaders here will bring the city to greater heights.”

U.S. Sen. Ed Markey commented on the challenges of being a mayor, with tight budgets and the high need of services. He praised Burke for her efforts to improve the quality of each neighborhood. Markey highlighted the promotion of new programming at the Medford Vocational Technical High School, the development of the Green Line, and Medford’s 2.8 percent unemployment, the lowest rate in the city’s history.

“The mayor of the city of Medford is someone who I admire greatly. She has done a phenomenal job these past two years moving Medford towards a path of progress and security,” said Markey. “Stephanie Burke is a mayor on a mission. Medford will become the home of many more things.”

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