Saugus hopes World Series Park drive is a big hit

SAUGUS — After several acts of vandalism that occured at World Series Park this summer, the Saugus ballfield is collecting donations to erect a “Wall of Fame.”

A list of names of people who make a minimum donation of $100 will be hung on the ballfield wall.

Over the course of a few weeks, about $1,000 has already been collected and while a fundraising goal hasn’t been established, the Park Committee is hoping to bring in all they can.

Earlier this year 30 or so young adults tore apart the field by kicking in doors and tearing the downspouts from buildings, smashing glass bottles on the ground and overturning trash cans, all recorded on video surveillance, said Bob Davis, superintendent of World Series Park.

“Recently we’ve had several requests from people, saying they’d like to make a donation

to the park,” he said. “In light of the August 2017 vandalism necessitating the need for a new, costly security system and the complete renovation of the infield, we’ve had to expend a great deal of funds. We, therefore, would certainly appreciate any donations that will help to maintain and improve the park. The Wall of Fame will provide a way to show our appreciation to the very generous people who support World Series Park by listing their names on a plaque.”

According to Lt. Ronald Giorgetti, the vandals, who appeared to be young adults from the video surveillance have not been found.

Vandals cost the ballpark $5,000 in damages and new surveillance equipment to replace the 2009 cameras that were not able to make out the faces from that night in August.

About 250 games are played throughout the summer months at the Saugus field — from young boys and girls to college teams, and adults.

A publicly supported facility, World Series Park’s field, dugouts, batting cages, the Tot Park and pavillion, were all made possible by some very generous people.

Donations to the park for inclusion on the Wall of Fame should be sent to World Series Park at 8 Holden Ave. Saugus 01902. Checks should be made payable to World Series Park. Donations can also be made through the General Electric Matching Gifts program. Donations are tax-exempt.

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