Sacred Heart School students raise money to help the homeless have a place to sleep

Eighth-grader Angie Mejia writes "Sacred Heart" atop of one of the headboards that will be donated to A Bed for Every Child. (Spenser Hasak)

LYNN — The holidays, for the most part, are about spreading joy but for local private schools it’s all about giving back to the community.

Early on Tuesday, Sacred Heart Catholic school of Lynn, as part of the Lynn Catholic Collaborative, partnered with Sister Linda Bessom and her charity drive “250 Beds for 250 Children by Christmas.” The drive is part of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and many of the local Catholic schools and parishes made a goal to raise money for each bed.

“We had been looking for an advent to take part in, so when this opportunity came we dove right in,” said Mary DeAngelo, principal of Sacred Heart School. “The kids were very excited, every day they wanted to have a count of the money coming in. It was a great goal for the school and they were so proud of the nine beds they helped donate to this cause.”

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