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A crossbow-wielding man barricaded himself in a Revere home

REVERE — A tense standoff between Revere Police and a man armed with a knife and crossbow inside a Ridge Road home lasted for at least two hours on Thursday morning, but ultimately ended peacefully after officers were able to defuse the situation.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance at the home, which is located in a residential neighborhood, at 10 a.m. Officers were told a mother and father fled the house following a fight with their son, a man in his 30s who was in possession of the weapons, Revere Police Chief James Guido said.

The man had stayed inside the home after his parents fled, and remained there when police arrived. He was armed with the knife and crossbow and threatening to harm any officers who entered the residence, Guido said.

“(The man) appeared to be suffering from mental health issues and possibly drug issues,” Guido said.

To defuse the situation, Revere Police called for a hostage crisis negotiator and the police department’s Special Operations Unit, or SWAT team, which kicked off negotiations with the armed man, Guido said.

Negotiations between the Revere Police mediators, who were outside the residence, and the man, who remained inside the home, lasted for two or more hours, Guido said.

“During the negotiations, the (man) seemed to become incoherent and a decision was made to enter the home,” Guido said. “The Special Operations team developed a plan, entered the home and subdued the subject peacefully. No one was injured.”

Guido said the decision to go inside the residence was made after the department lost contact with the man on the phone. He said police believe the man ingested some substances during the standoff, that he may have taken chemicals or drugs.

The man was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital and his parents were able to return to their home. Because he’s a veteran, the city’s veterans services officer also responded and assisted with attempting to get services for him, Guido said.

Guido said charges may be pending against the man, but he is not under arrest at this time and police are still conducting a follow-up investigation.

“We hope that the son is able to receive the medical help that he needs going forward,” Guido said. “Thankfully it ended peacefully. No one was hurt (and there was) no damage to the home. It was a good day the way things ended as far as the police are concerned.”

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