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Every dog has its day at this Saugus pet resort

The finishing touches are being put on Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa Northshore in Saugus. (Spenser R. Hasak)

SAUGUS — A luxury pet resort with overnight rooms equipped with private outdoor patio areas, murals, and Animal Planet streamed on private flat-screen televisions will open its doggy doors on Monday.

A North Shore branch of the Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa, which has an existing location in Boston, is set to open just off Route 1, said president Eric Schneider.

Daycare evaluations to match pets with the best play groups, and grooming services will begin Friday. The resort will offer all services starting on Monday.

The pet resort will offer doggy daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, and training services. It will feature three indoor play spaces and two outdoor spaces. It’s big enough to house up to 150 dogs and 25 cats.

Clients have already booked appointments for next week, he said.

Metal bars separating furry friends are nowhere to be found in the two-story building — all pet rooms have glass doors and metal walls. The more luxurious suites are upstairs and are built into the existing brick walls, which are painted with individual murals that depict the different seasons of the year and nautical scenes.

“We try to keep it feeling like a pet resort, and not a kennel,” said Schneider.

All overnight canine accommodations include fresh water every three hours; two to three meals per day, prepared as instructed by the pet’s owner, soothing music throughout the night, a report card when pets check out, and four outdoor potty walks per day.

Room options range from traditional to the largest and most luxurious suite, the presidential villa, which costs $85 per night.

The villa has a kuranda orthopedic pet bed and premium bedding upgrade, bedtime tuck-in, a flat-screen TV streaming Animal Planet, and the option for pet owners to access the room’s security camera to watch their dog while they are away for an additional $5 charge.

Schneider recommends pet owners provide the dog’s normal food to avoid giving the animal an upset stomach, but offers a generic house dry food option for an additional fee.

Personal belongings are kept in storage containers in a closet. Photos are taken of each animal and placed with the dog’s leash, so there’s no confusion when it comes to matching them up.

The cat condo section of the resort offers space for 24 feline friends in glass cages with a shelf for climbing in each. A litter box sits between every two cat rooms and can be accessed with a small door.

Laser tag and feather toy time can be added for an additional fee.

Popular add-ons for dog guests range from a frozen Kong toy filled with peanut butter, bedtime tuck-ins with a bedtime story, teeth brushing with a Greenie, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich midday snack, ice cream breaks or a plush bedding upgrade.

During construction, the decision was made not to include a full-sized swimming pool. Clients seeking aquatics and hydro-fitness sessions, which are supervised and directed by a fitness practitioner, and other pool-related services, can visit the Boston location, Schneider said.

Owners can sign animals up for fun swim, hydro-massage swim, or fitness swim classes. The massage and swim start at $30 at the Boston location.

Prices vary in the grooming and spa area based on breed, coat, weight and behavior. Every spa and bath package includes a complimentary blueberry facial. A moisturizing oatmeal treatment costs $10, a whitening shampoo treatment costs $7, a de-skunking costs $20, a de-shedding costs $15, and a flea and tick treatment costs $15.

A la carte options are also offered, including a tropical blueberry facial wash for $5, nail pawlish for $10, nail trim for $20, or a full pretty pawdicure with a nail grind, feet trim, nail pawlish and all natural paw moisturizer that prevents dryness and cracking for $20.

A doggie hair dye to temporarily color accents to add some flair to your dog’s coat costs $10 and up.

Doggy daycare is split up into play groups based on the dog’s personality and size. Nap areas and space for pets to eat in privacy are offered.

The floors throughout the building are pitched and have drains for easy cleanup after accidents. The building is routinely cleaned with chemicals that kill many of the viruses dogs are at risk of contracting, said Schneider.

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