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Medford quartet hits the right key

MEDFORD— A quartet of Medford musicians have sounded the right note and have been awarded a performance spot in the prestigious Massachusetts Music Educators Association Northeast District Senior Festival Concert.

Cellists Leo Pancic and Justin Tseng, both Medford High School seniors and junior Arden Ingersoll, who plays the strong bass. were selected to perform with the Festival Orchestra with an All-State recommendation. Christopher Walsh, a mallet percussionist and a Medford High junior was selected as a member of the Festival Band.

Medford Public Schools Director of Fine Arts Anthony Szykniej commended the students for their selection to the top-shelf event.

“They were among over 1,000 who auditioned just from the Northeast District and it’s quite an accomplishment,” he said. Szykniej said the student musicians will perform under the guidance of guest conductors at the concert, which will be held at the Galvin Middle School in Wakefield on Jan. 13, 2018 at a time to be announced.

Three of students, Tseng, Pancic and Ingersoll, were also invited to audition for a Symphony Hall, Boston performance by the Massachusetts All-State Orchestra which is set for mid-March.

“We are very proud of our musicians that have shown they can excel even on a bigger stage,” said Medford Public Schools spokeswoman Lisa Evangelista.

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