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Lynn’s election brings a mix of old and new faces

LYNN — City Hall’s corner office is not the only place where there will be a new face.

As state Sen. Thomas M. McGee (D-Lynn) prepares to move into the mayor’s office, the City Council and the School Committee will welcome new members next year.

Brian Field is the newest City Councilor at Large.

“I am grateful for the time everybody put in for this campaign,” he told supporters at Tony’s Pub & Grill. “I’m honored to be able to put in that amount of work for the city of Lynn.”

Field finished fourth following incumbent Brian LaPierre, who topped the ticket, followed by G. Buzzy Barton, and Hong L. Net.

In Ward 2, the seat held by retiring Councilor William Trahant will be filled by Richard Starbard, who took 55 percent of the vote to Gina O’Toole’s 44 percent.

Ward 1 City Councilor Wayne Lozzi held onto his seat by beating challenger William O’Shea III by 368 votes.

In Ward 3, City Council President Darren Cyr defeated George Meimeteas by a 59 to 40 percent margin.

In the rematch between Ward 5 City Councilor Dianna Chakoutis and Marven Hyppolite, the incumbent won by just 105 votes. While Hyppolite beat the incumbent in precincts, two, three and four, Chakoutis won precinct one by a wide margin.

In the race for six seats on the School Committee, the  incumbents captured the most votes. Donna Coppola was the top vote getter with 6,630, John Ford was next with 6,465, Lorraine Gately received 5,573, and Jared Nicholson garnered 4,719.

Challenger Michael Satterwhite secured a seat with 4,443 votes.

“To have my daughter turn 5 days old and place fifth in the School Committee election is truly an amazing blessing,” he said.

Newcomer Brian Castellanos captured the last seat with 4,367 votes.

“This is a special moment and I’m so grateful for the amount of people who came out for me,” he said. “I can’t wait to give back to the neighborhood, the kids, and the teachers because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

Ward councilors Peter Capano, Richard Colucci and Jay Walsh ran unopposed on Tuesday.

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