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Saugus: 5 will be Selected

SAUGUS — In addition to electing five of nine candidates to the Board of Selectmen and choosing at least one new School Committee member, voters will also select Town Meeting members to represent them.

More than four dozen names will appear on the ballot for a seat at Town Meeting, but many current members don’t always take theirs.

During the May 2016 Annual Town Meeting, Anthony Lopresti, Precinct 8, missed all three meeting sessions. Precinct 3’s Arthur Connors; Precinct 9’s Paul Sullivan; Paul Allen in Precinct 3; John Coburn, Precinct 10; and Darren Ring, Precinct 10 missed two out of three sessions, and Eugene Decareau, Precinct 8; and Jonathan McTague, Precinct 9, missed one.

During the May 2017 Annual Town Meeting, Allen missed all four sessions. Joseph Attubato, Precinct 6, and Sullivan missed three of four sessions. Precinct 5’s Karli Brazis; John Cottam, Precinct 9; Lopresti; Steven DiVirgilio, Precinct 10; Christopher Finn, Precinct 9; and Stephen McCarthy; Precinct 7, missed two.

Richard Christopher in Precinct 6; William Brown in Precinct 6; Daniel Kelly, Precinct 9; Peter Rossetti, Precinct 2; Coburn; Michael Serino, Precinct 10; and Ring missed one.

During the five Special Town Meetings held in the past two years, many members’ names have appeared on the absent list.

In October 2016, Matthew Canterbury, Precinct 6; Connors; Cottam; Stephen Horlick, Precinct 8; McCarthy; Attubato; Decareau; DiVirgilio; Lopresti; Coburn; Laura Groark, Precinct 5; and Kelly did not attend a Special Meeting.

In February 2017, William Leuci, Precinct 4; McCarthy, Christine Moreschi, Precinct 2; Kimberly Politano, Precinct 7; Brazis; Christopher; Connors; Albert Dinardo, Precinct 4; LoPresti; Michael Paolini, Precinct 7; Ring, and Sullivan were marked absent.

On May 1, 2017, Allen, Christopher, Cottam, LoPresti, Attubato, DiVirgilio, Finn, Rossetti, Coburn, and Sullivan did not attend the meeting.

On May 30, only three were absent; Allen, Brazis, and Ring.

Voters in each of the 10 precincts will elect five Town Meeting Members to represent them.

Town Meeting candidates for Precinct 1 are Sherri Raftery, Joyce Rodenhiser, Christopher Jones, Ann Devlin, Ronal Witten, and Susan Dunn.

Rossetti, Falasca, Moreschi, Stephen Sweezey, Robert Camuso, and Joseph Beatty are running for Precinct 2.

In Precinct 3, Richard Thompson, Stewart, Steven Murphy, Connors, and Philip Rando are running. Dinardo, Leuci, Stephen Doherty, Patricia McLaughlin, Maureen Whitcomb, George E. Falardeau III, and Keith McCabe are running for Precinct 4.

The candidates in Precinct 5 are Ronald Wallace, Pamela Goodwin, Groark, Brazis, Brenton Spencer, and Bernadette Ganino. In Precinct 6, Canterbury, Brown, Jean Bartolo, William Marchand, Alberto Morgante, Kevin Currie, and Allen Panico.

Precinct 7 candidates are J. Brian Costin, Politano, Michael Paolini, Patricia Prizio, McCarthy, and Richard Lavoie.

Nine people are vying for a spot in Precinct 8, including Joia Cicolini, Joan Fowler, Horlick, Lopresti, Arthur Grabowski, Thomas Traverse, Matthew Serivano, Matthew Paul Riley, and William Kramich, Jr.

Only four names will be on the ballot for Precinct 9: John Cottam, Kelly, Sullivan, and Judith Worthley.

There are nine candidates in Precinct 10: DiVirgilio, Coburn, Serino, Martin Costello, Ring, Katie Marie Guarino, Tanya Digirolamo, Melissa Ferraro, and James Toza.

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