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Yakov Tseitlin, owner of the White Rose Coffeehouse space, stands in front of the shuttered cafe. (Spenser Hasak)

Readers wanted to hear more about a possible Lynn school site, the strange tale of a stabbing victim and a doorbell, and who may fill the downtown void left by the White Rose.

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New middle school site emerges in Lynn: Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy pointed to an overlooked corner of the Union Hospital property as a potential middle school site. School construction—or the lack thereof, depending on who you ask—has been a hot election topic throughout the fall.

Lynn firefighters get a surprise when a stabbing victim rings their doorbell: The jakes on Western Avenue worked quickly to stabilize the victim, who quite literally rang their doorbell looking for help.

Suitors line up for the former White Rose site: There appears to be high demand for the downtown location. The coffee shop closed its doors after owner Kato Mele received threats due to an inflammatory Facebook post by her daughter.

Lynn pair arrested on drug charges: Police said the found a cache of illegal drugs, including cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, a variety of prescription pills, during the Tuesday morning search.

2 more convenience store robberies after Lynn Police warn businesses: It’s not clear if the same person or people doing the robbing, but clerks in several Lynn shops have been forced to stare at the end of a knife or gun in the last several weeks. Police continue to investigate the robberies.

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