BREAKING: Man shot at Silsbee and Friend streets in Lynn
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Letter from Kato Mele, owner of the White Rose Coffee House, to the Lynn Police Department

The White Rose Coffee House publicly acknowledges and apologizes to all Law Enforcement agencies and specifically the Lynn Massachusetts Police Department for the reprehensible affront, distasteful, biased and hateful remarks made by the manager of the White Rose on a personal Facebook page.

We do not share any of the views expressed and are, in reality, proud and grateful to all law enforcement for their strength and brave disregard to their personal safety that they risk daily which allows us to live, work and worship in a sometimes hostile world.

Amazingly, they do so frequently under unwarranted scrutiny and with ever diminishing resources. The men and women of law enforcement are heroic. Make no mistake: I am incredibly proud of them and what they do.

Effective immediately, the manager of the White Rose Coffee House is terminated for cause.

The White Rose Coffee House realizes that we have a long road to hoe to ingratiate and demonstrate our true appreciation for law enforcement and all first responders. As a beginning, I invite interested Lynn law enforcement to visit the White Rose on Monday, Oct. 16, or anytime, to help us make amends, but more importantly provide us with some guidance and suggestions that through a cooperative effort will help make an ever improving Lynn.

I look forward to seeing you all. With gratitude and sincerest support….


Kato Mele


White Rose Coffee House

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