Team effort drives Spartans past Medford

Chris Fioravanti tees off during St. Mary's match at Gannon. (Item Photo by Katie Morrison)

LYNN — Throughout the entire season, the St. Mary’s golf team has been able to rely on a different player to step up and lead the way in seemingly every match. On Wednesday it was Chris Fioravanti’s turn, as he scored 33 points to lead the Spartans to a 144-88 victory over Medford at Gannon Golf Course.

“It was a solid day all-around for us, even with our top two guys out today,” said St. Mary’s coach Jay Fiste, referring to his top scorers Christian and Aidan Emmerich, who had the day off. “Chris played a great match to lead us and the rest of the guys followed suit. It was good to see.”

Other top scorers for the Spartans were Luke Smith with 29 points, Owen McGuire with 25 points, Luke Sargent with 23 points and Aedan Leydon with 21 points.

“All of the guys have really improved over the course of the year, no one’s gone backwards,” Fiste said. “We have a pretty nice setup right now where at any particular time, a different guy can step up and lead us. Both Lukes have been great all year, Owen has been playing really well lately and Aedan has been very consistent. Not to mention Chris, Christian, Aidan and the rest of the guys. So it’s been good.”

Sean Mathers also competed for St. Mary’s on Wednesday, notching 13 points in his first varsity action.

“It’s always good to get some of the younger guys some experience at the varsity level whenever you can,” said Fiste. “Today, everyone who got to play was able to hold their own. It’ll only help them in the long run.”

The win gives the Spartans an impressive 14-2 record this year, but there are plenty of tough tests still ahead.

The most immediate test will come on Monday afternoon, when the team travels up to Bass Rocks Golf Club in Gloucester to take on the Fishermen. To make it a more unique test, the two teams will be playing a match-play style game as opposed to going by points as the Spartans are accustomed to.

“It will definitely be a good experience for the guys to play a different type of match, especially the guys who have never done it before,” Fiste said. “We have a couple of guys who have done it before, playing some match-play over the summer at country clubs and stuff like that, but it’ll be nice to see it in a competitive environment.”

Following the match with Gloucester, the Spartans face another tough test at Arlington Catholic on Wednesday. The match will be at Winchester Country Club, a course that has given St. Mary’s issues in the past.

“It’s a very tough course, and I can’t even remember the last time we won there,” said Fiste. “Plus it’s a league match against a good team, so it’ll certainly be a challenge for us.”

The Spartans will tee off against Gloucester at 3 p.m. on Monday.

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