Lynnfield family keeps an open mind about open space areas

Erin Madden and her daughter Lucy are participating in the town's open space plan. Erin is a member of the town's Open Space and Recreation Committee and Lucy, an LHS junior, created an open space survey for the town's website. (Adam Swift)

LYNNFIELD — From Pillings Pond to the Bow Ridge Reservation, Lynnfield has a wide array of conservation and open space areas.

But many residents are unaware of all these recreational opportunities, according to Lucy Madden. The Lynnfield High School junior has created a survey to update the town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan as her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

The 10 question survey will also be used to amend the document, which can be used to apply for recreation and conservation grants.

“I’ll also be setting up nature walks and activities to advertise these different areas that most citizens might not know about,” she said.

Some of those hidden jewels include the Partridge Island Boardwalk and Trail and the Kallenburg Quarry, according to Madden’s mother, Erin, a member of the Open Space and Recreation Committee.

The survey is available online on the town’s website on the recreation page.  Paper copies are available at the library, Town Hall, and the senior center.

“It’s a pretty short survey and it kind of sums up what we need to know to revise the plan,” she said.

The questions cover topics such as the conversation and recreation areas residents have visited, what additional activities they would like to see, and what areas they would like to see maintained or improved.

The survey will be available through Nov. 30, at which time the open space committee will then use the responses to help update the open space plan.

“I’ll also be creating a Facebook page for Lynnfield Open Space,” said Lucy Madden. “It will help advertise some of these spaces that people don’t even know of, and I’ll also be putting a link on there so people can easily access the survey through Facebook.”

She said her interest in the open space survey and project is an outgrowth of her interest in community service. At the high school, Madden is a member of the field hockey team and is also involved with the Habitat Club.

Erin’s involvement with the open space committee began when her daughter met with conservation agent Betty Adelson about the survey.

“When Lucy got involved for her Gold Award project, I went with her to meet with Betty, and she said we are looking for more people for the committee,” she said.


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