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Medford kicks off fall festivities

Hugh Naggar, of Crystal Creations, sculpting a glass-blown dolphin with a torch, as Zariyah Wilson admires the demonstration. (Marianne Salza)

Arts Across Medford, the city’s annual early fall celebration is off and running with 14 arts, cultural, and historical events scheduled during the month of October.

The debut event is this Sunday, Oct. 1, with a quick look at Medford’s history called Everything is Connected: Six Degrees of Brooks Separation. The presentation at the Shepherd Brooks Manor, 275 Grove St., from noon to 1:30 p.m. will explore the legacy of a prominent Medford Family.

Fall festival season started last weekend with the 7th annual Mystic River Celebration featuring hundreds of visitors gathered for an afternoon of live music performances, work on display by 17 local artisan vendors, and information about local businesses.

CACHE in Medford, Inc. (the Coalition for Arts, Culture, and a Healthy Economy) sponsored the celebration.

“Our primary focus is giving people opportunities to experience the arts in Medford,” said Allie Fiske, festival organizer, and CACHE Programs Director. “We want people to see what Medford has to offer. It’s a one stop shop.”

Some of the vendors and artisans involved in the celebration will be at October events with the Medford Family Network and public library involved in activities.

Artisan Hugh Naggar, of Crystal Creations, launched his month’s worth of sustained opportunities to show off his work by blowing and sculpting a Pyrex glass dolphin with a torch. Amy Shinerock’s ceramic plates were on display during the river celebration and she also showed off artistic skills, including sewing a stuffed giraffe, she will have a chance to display in October.

Local musicians are part of Arts Across Medford with folk, blues, jazz, and soul music of Cold Chocolate, Laura Vecchione, Lydia Harrell, and Krush Faktory on display this fall.

Although it is dedicated to promoting local artisans, Arts Across Medford events are also opportunities for community education. The river celebration featured information regarding art classes, bicycle safety, and renovation projects was also provided.

CACHE Founder May Marquebreuck said celebration attendance last weekend reflected increased interest in arts and the city’s focus on celebrating artisans. Founded in 2010, CACHE is a non-profit organization comprised of 20 cultural institutions in Medford, and advocates for the arts through community projects, events, and exhibits.

For a schedule of Arts Across Medford events, visit

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