Fire crews rescue man stranded in Lynn Woods

LYNN — Lynn and Lynnfield fire crews teamed up to rescue an elderly man stranded in Lynn Woods, after he got his wheelchair stuck in the mud on Monday afternoon.

The Lynn man, who is in his 70s, had been stranded for several hours with his mobility scooter bogged down in the mud when fire crews responded around 1 p.m., Lynn District Fire Chief Stephen Archer said.

Lynnfield firefighters reached the man from the Route 1 side of Lynn Woods and a Lynn Fire ATV crew came in from Great Woods Road. The two departments met up and found the victim about half a mile from Route 1, Archer said. The rescue lasted a little longer than an hour and a half.

The man was taken to local hospital, but he didn’t appear to have any injuries, other than possible slight dehydration, Archer said.

“It was great teamwork by the two departments,” Archer said.

Archer said the rescue marks the third involving the ATV crew in the past month.

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