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Council incumbents come out ahead in Medford preliminary

MEDFORD — With fewer than one out of 10 registered voters casting ballots on Tuesday, the city’s preliminary election eliminated Andrew Castagnetti from the list of City Council candidates whose names will appear on the Nov. 7 final ballot.

Castagnetti finished last in a field of 15 council candidates with 499 votes, according to Tuesday night’s unofficial vote count.

By contrast, Council incumbents finished strong in preliminary balloting. Councilor John Falco was the top vote getter in the preliminary election with 1,836 votes followed by incumbent Michael Marks with 1,809 votes. Councilor Breanna Lungo-Koehn received 1,741 votes followed by Councilor George Scarpelli with 1,458 votes, Councilor Rick Caraviello with 1,383 votes and Councilor Adam Knight with 1,313 votes.

Challenger Ann Marie Cugno received 1,240 votes. Councilor Fred Dello Russo Jr. received 1,237 votes. Challenger Natalie Breen received 1,001 votes. George Sacco received 925 votes, followed by Curtis Tuden, who received 901 votes.

Challenger Cheryl Rodriguez got 888 votes followed by Remo Scarfo, who received 714 votes and Robert Cappucci, who received 663 votes.

Just under 10 percent of Medford’s 37,547 registered voters cast ballots in the preliminary election. In addition to council candidates, the Nov. 7 ballot will feature the race between Mayor Stephanie M. Burke and challenger David McKillop and the Medford School Committee race with five of the incumbents seeking re-election: Erin DeBenedetto, Kathy Kreatz, Mea Mustone, Robert E. Skerry Jr. and Paulette Van der Kloot. Challengers are Kathleen Cullinane, Angela Moore, Alexis Rodriquez, Michael Ruggiero and Paul Ruseau.

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