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Medford mourns the loss of K-9 hero Marco

Marco, the Medford Police dog who participated in the manhunt of the Boston Marathon bombers, has died.

The 12-year-old Belgian Malinois joined the force nearly eight years ago. Following graduation from the Massachusetts State Police patrol dog and narcotic detection classes, the K-9 was put to work in the department’s Police Patrol, Investigative, and Narcotic units.

Among his notable deployments included the tracking and apprehension of a home invasion suspect on New Year’s Eve; locating a money bag dropped by suspects that had robbed a Citizens Bank, which helped detectives catch the suspects; caught a breaking and entering suspect hiding in the basement of a Medford home.

As police searched for Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in 2013, Marco was one of the first K-9s to arrive in Watertown where the manhunt took place for the suspects.  Hours before that, he was assigned security detail at the MBTA’s Aquarium Blue Line Station and later assisted with President Barack Obama’s security detail during his visit to Boston to honor the victims of the bombings.

On multiple occasions, Marco located weapons used in assaults.  Most notably, a knife used in a St. Patrick’s Day stabbing that was tossed in the woods behind Malden Hospital.  He also helped the Narcotic Unit uncover drugs during motor vehicle stops and search warrants.  

Marco was the key K-9 in many notable deployments such as the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup celebration in 2011 and the search for a suspect who shot a Woburn police officer that year.

Off duty, Marco hung out with his adopted family, the MacGilvrays.  

“Marco knew the difference between work and play and was an integral part of our family,”  said Officer Harry MacGilvray, the dog’s partner and trainer, in a statement. “Marco served the Medford Police Department and the citizens of Medford with distinction.  He was a valuable asset to the department and will be missed by all those that had the opportunity to work with him.”

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