St. Mary’s honors one of its own

St. Mary's football captains with Zach Cummings, right. (Item Photo by Katie Morrison)

Prior to Friday night’s contest between St. Mary’s and Saugus, the Spartans were able to make it a special night for one of their own.

Saugus native Zack Cummings played in the St. Mary’s football program last season as a freshman, but the 15-year-old is on the sidelines for this year as he battles Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a treatable form of cancer.

Cummings was named an honorary captain for Friday’s game, and was able to lead his team onto the field against his hometown team, and take part in the coin flip at midfield in front of the large crowd at Manning Field.

“To be able to have this support from my team, and to be able to be a part of the team even though I’m sick, it’s great, and especially since they’re out here playing my hometown,” Cummings said.

Joining hands with Calvin Johnson, James Brumfield, Marlon Scott and Kyle Bernardini, Cummings met the Saugus captains at midfield to shake hands.

Cummings is in the midst of a two-year treatment plan that forces him to miss some time at school, but says that his team and classmates have given him the utmost support.

“It helps me get out of bed every day, to be honest with you,” Cummings said. “It’s tough going in every week to get shots, but I think of these guys out here, fighting for me, and I carry on.”

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