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Malden candidates quizzed on immigration

MALDEN — Democrats want to know where City Council candidates stand on immigrant rights issues and sanctuary cities.

The Malden Democratic City Committee (MDCC) has sent a list of questions to council candidates. While Malden’s municipal elections are nonpartisan, with party affiliation not printed on the ballot, many elected officials and candidates at the state level and beyond got their start in local office.

“While MDCC typically does not formally endorse candidates in local elections, our members need to know how each candidate will approach key issues,” said Greg Lucey, MDDC chairman. “We’re inviting them to share their positions and let the voters decide.”

MDCC questions sent the following questions to City Council candidates:

*What steps will you take to ensure the safety of immigrant residents in Malden, documented and undocumented?

*What does “sanctuary city” mean to you and how should it  apply in Malden?

*Do you agree with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s decision which found that local police cannot hold a person solely on the basis of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer request?

*Do you support the Safe Communities Act which is being considered by the Legislature?

*How will you ensure that new development in Malden is sustainable development?

*How will you ensure that there is affordable housing in Malden?

*How will you ensure environmental and energy standards in construction in Malden?

*How will you protect tenants’ rights and prevent the displacement of current residents?

“All of us should make an effort to be informed voters, whether we’re electing a city councilor, school committee member or president of the United States,” said Lucey. “We need to mark our calendars and go to the polls. Every election matters.”

The preliminary election will be held Tuesday, Sept. 19 in wards 3, 6 and 8 for seats where three or more candidates are vying for a spot on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The Malden City Council consists of one ward councilor from each of the city’s eight wards, plus three councilors-at-large. The Malden School Committee consists of one member from each ward, plus the mayor, who presides at committee meetings.

As the local arm of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, the MDCC works to elect Democrats and advance the Democratic Party platform. To learn more about monthly meetings and other activities of Malden Democrats, visit http://maldendemocrats.org, sign up to receive email updates, and join the Facebook Group at http://facebook.com/groups/MaldenDems.

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