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Cey Adams’ Lynn mural gets a sequel in Boston

LYNN — Just as he had done this July in Lynn, artist Cey Adams broke out the spray paint to turn another wall into art at Boston's new Underground at Ink Block Park.

"Every time I'm working on a wall the wall behaves differently," said Adams, describing one the key differences of working in Lynn and Boston.

However, the murals are connected by similarities, one being that they both took several days to complete.

The mural Adams designed in Lynn was part of the Beyond Walls mural festival. His art blankets a wall on Munroe Street and can be distinguished by “love” written in huge letters.

Love was also the word Adams used in his latest mural, located at the new park under the I-95 underpass in Boston. The park is filled with art that is meant, Adams said, to inspire, entertain, and just flat out give positive messages to those in the park, much like the ones in Lynn do for passersby.

It is this idea of spreading positivity that inspires Adams to work on these murals in the community whenever he is called upon to create.

"For me these murals present a great opportunity, as an artist, to put a positive message out there for people to see," he said.

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