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Lynn issues West Nile Virus warning

LYNN — A statement from the city of Lynn declares a moderate warning for its residents as a mosquito of the Culex salinarius species has tested positive for West Nile Virus in the Southeast quadrant of the city.

According to the statement, this particular species feeds off only birds and mammals. Officials say that other North Shore communities have detected West Nile Virus in human-biting mosquitoes but there has been no increase in the risk level of infection to humans in Lynn.

Additional preventive mosquito spraying will be attempted this week, which is effective for about  24 hours. The statement urges that the most effective way to reduce any chances of contracting a mosquito-borne illness is personal protection.

Lynn residents are reminded and strongly urged to use bug repellent containing DEET, wear proper personal clothing protection when outdoors during dawn and dusk, and to empty any unused flowerpots, wading pools, tarps that collect water, and make sure to frequently change water in birdbaths.

For any additional information on protection and prevention of mosquito-borne diseases, visit www.NEMASSMOSQUITO.ORG or

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