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YouTube sensation, Qias Omar, brings a crowd to City Hall Square

Fans line up in City Hall Square for YouTube-sensation, Qias Omar, who will be at 1 Market St. for a pop-up merchandise shop until 5 p.m. today. (Matt Demirs)

LYNN– Hundreds lined the sidewalks of City Hall Square in anticipation of the arrival of Qias Omar, an internationally known YouTube Vlogger.

The social media sensation developed his online presence and fame through Vine, a popular video app. He’s known for uploading skits, pranks, parodies, as well as promoting products to more than 800,000 subscribers.
Making sure to stop in Lynn, the global brand ambassador started his “All of a Sudden” tour in Portland, Ore., on August 11th, providing meet and greets, pop-up shops, exclusive merchandise and more from Houston, Texas to Phoenix, Ariz.

Lynn’s Junno Oquendo and Tony Rodriguez were among the herd of followers camping in the heart of the downtown for the arrival of who they call “the hype beast.” In their own words, a hype beast is someone who is a label chaser, or someone invested in products and brandings.

“What he does is hype up these brands,” said Rodriguez, mentioning the types of merchandise the vlogger represents, including sneakers, clothing, and accessories.

Oquendo said he had been waiting in line since 7 p.m. on Wednesday to get the chance to meet the Vlogger he has been watching for years.

Oquendo set up a chair and camped out in line overnight to have Omar sign his sneakers.
The line began near the Centerboard building and wrapped around the 1 Market Square, causing drivers to stop their cars in traffic to holler at the crowd in confusion about the day’s events.

“We’re meeting Qias Omar,” Vivian Laurent said, who was also posted up in a beach chair she brought from home with a group of friends.

Hoping to not only meet the online superstar and be able to ask questions, Rodriguez said the Omar’s visit was good for the community.

“Him coming to our city connects us all together,” he said.
Omar’s pop up shop will be at 1 Market St. from 11-5 p.m.

Follow Qias Omar on Twitter at @QiasOmar and @QrewTV on YouTube.

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