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Shaquille Pinckney finds a bright side of a dark place

From left, Esther Summersett, the Director of the All 4 one festival, Cara Garrity, Tahmeika Johnson, and Shaquille M. Pinckney. (Courtesy Photo)

LYNN — Shaquille “S.M.P” Pinckney has released his new song “Grateful” which is set to be spun between 9-11 p.m. Wednesday on Boston’s Mix 104.1 FM.

In hopes to change the reputation surrounding hip hop, the 23-year-old said he has a new approach to the sound filled with positive vibes.

His song explores what he calls a bright side of a dark place.

Considering the opioid epidemic and the series of killings in the city, Pinckney’s song evokes a different kind of vibe for listeners.

“What rappers include in their songs has an impact on who is listening to it,” he said. “I’m trying to change that by making my music more inventive and positive.”

While he said hip-hop and rap is a way to connect with young people due to their musical taste, he doesn’t like listening to the genres. Instead, he prefers bands like Linkin Park, the group he grew up listening to and loved.

A self-proclaimed poet for more than a decade, Pinckney said he began applying his music to beats. When he first started, he only had a few hundred listeners. Now there are thousands, he said.

Through his newest song, he said he wants people to know that life isn’t free and to open their eyes to things that occur outside their front door.

His newest track,  “S.M.P Grateful” can be found on iTunes. It can also be heard on Mix 104.1 FM tonight, an achievement he said he’s most excited about.

“It’s like the time in my music career where everything is coming together,” he said.

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