Medford students celebrate heritage

MEDFORD — Not many elementary school kids get a chance to study and learn to speak and write the language of their descendants.

A Medford fifth grade class studying Italian has been honored as the winner in an annual regional contest for a descriptive, artistic poster with an Italian theme.

Debra Notaro’s fifth grade class from the McGlynn Elementary School took first place in their category with a prize of $125.  

“We are proud of our students who worked on this project and their first-place finish against some very good competition,” Notaro said. The winning entry featured a nice blend of historical context and lots of artistic creativity.  “They worked very hard on this project.”

Students from two Medford High School Italian classes also won prizes. An Italian I class prepared a booklet which earned a second-place prize.

Students from a Medford High Italian III Honors class created a PowerPoint presentation which also garnered a second-place prize.

The Medford students were guests of Centro Attività Scholastiche Italiane (C.A.S.IT), based in Wakefield, which supports Italian language instruction in the schools. C.A.S.IT annually sponsors an Italian language contest in greater Boston area for students in grades 2-12. This year’s theme was “Christopher Columbus.”


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