Uniform program gets a green light


LYNN — The school committee voted on Thursday to implement a pilot uniform policy at the Aborn and Callahan elementary schools.

Jared C. Nicholson, chair of the Ad Hoc Uniform Policy Sub-Committee, said the policy was authorized under principal direction for the 2017-2018 school year.

In March, principals Patricia Muxie and Brian Fay appeared before the committee to voice willingness for their schools to take part in a pilot program.

He said the only feedback the committee has received on the policy so far comes from a survey that was sent home with parents several months ago.

It was originally the comments of parents, however, that first brought the concept of implementing uniforms to the committee’s attention.

Nicholson said it’s a topic he’s been regularly asked about.

The design of the uniforms will be left up to the discretion of the principals and taking part in the program will be voluntary for students. Those who don’t wish to participate can choose to opt out.

“It’s been experiment-driven by parent feedback,” said Nicholson. He said there’s a lot to be learned from the pilot, which he called a thoughtful experiment.

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