High school students sample life at NSCC


A number of students from Lynn Public Schools toured North Shore Community College (NSCC) Friday morning to get a better sense of what it has to offer.

“Even a two-year degree will help you find a job that’s a living wage job,” said Dr. Karen Hynick, vice president of academic affairs, as she spoke to a group from English, Classical, and Lynn Vocational Technical Institute high schools.

She said the college has strong academic support programs and a lot of opportunities for extracurricular activities.

Following an introduction, students were brought through three “mini classes,” got a chance to speak with members of the faculty, and took part in a student panel.

Nineteen percent of new students at the college come from public high schools in Lynn. Overall, 25.6 percent of the students at NSCC live in the city, according to statistics provided by Laurie J. LaChapelle, assistant vice president of planning and research.

Dr. Dianne Palter Gill, dean of corporate and professional education, said this is the second year the college has done such an event, with financing by a grant from the public schools.

She said that last year, a number of the students who came to the tour did end up attending NSCC. Out of the crowd on Friday, a number had already been accepted and all of the seniors present for the event filled out free applications.

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