Money matters in Swampscott


SWAMPSCOTT — A joint session between the Finance Committee and the Board of Selectmen on Wednesday night moved the annual budget one step closer to completion.

The FY18 budget saw a $1.2 million increase from last year, amounting to a 4 percent overall spike.  

Marzie Galazka, vice chair of the finance committee, said the budget will be finalized at Town Meeting in May, but for now changes are still possible.

“We’re just beginning the process. We still haven’t had the opportunity to deliberate,” she said.

During the goal-setting session, finance committee member Jill Sullivan jotted down which departments have yet to present their budgets.

The town fire and police departments are requesting equipment increases this year, with $11,500 for new police firearms and $15,000 for fire engine repairs, according to the proposed budget.

The police department is seeking $27,000 in funding for two three-season motorcycles.

The Recreation Department budget includes a new line item for the July 4 fireworks.

It’s the School Department, however, that has the largest proposed budget of approximately $28 million.

Galazka said to accommodate the school budget, payment of some services will be shifted from the school to the cityside, including the partial salary of the facilities director.

The official town warrant will be sent to the printers on April 24 and distributed shortly after.

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