Nicholson seeks second school committee term

Jared Nicholson is pictured in a file photo.


LYNN Jared Nicholson has announced his run for a second term on the Lynn School Committee.

“I ran for school Committee two years ago because of how important having great schools will be to Lynn’s growth and because I want to send my future kids to great Lynn public schools,” Nicholson said in a statement. “That passion still drives me.”

The district is facing pressing challenges that require effective leadership, including rising enrollment and financial instability, he added. Nicholson said he plans to continue focusing on the issues, drawing on his legal training and business experience.

Nicholson prides himself on the successes of his first term, including the opening of Thurgood Marshall Middle School and launch of a varsity wrestling team, an effort he headed for many years. The committee is building pathways for students to college and jobs, he said, noting that a Lynn student can take advantage of the Early College program and earn college credit taking free courses at North Shore Community College. Lynn Vocational Technical Institute will soon add internet technology, HVAC and health care programs.

The district has made progress with addressing the opioid crisis, on social-emotional learning, improving school nutrition, and increasing parent involvement, he said.

“Getting involved in local politics is a great way to act on concerns about where our country is headed,” said Nicholson. “Lynn, and specifically the Lynn Public Schools, are headed toward exciting yet challenging times. I am excited to continue to work on meeting those challenges to help out kids reach their potential so that we as a community can reach ours.”

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