Marblehead break-ins related, police theorize

MARBLEHEAD Police think two Sunday break-ins, one at St. Andrew’s Church, another at a nearby private residence, may be related.  

Police responded to St. Andrew’s Church on Lafayette Street at around 3:45 a.m. for a burglar alarm activation. Responding officers found a cut screen and open window on the property, and found that an office had been entered. Police and a church representative determined that nothing had been taken, Marblehead police said in Facebook post.

Police said the loud burglar alarm may have scared the suspect off.

Later in the day, police responded to a private residence near the church for another break-in. A window leading into an attached garage was broken and removed. After gaining entrance, the suspect rummaged around in a car and items were stolen, police said

“Again, while it is only a theory, it is believed that this incident had occurred earlier in the morning around the same time as the church break-in,” police said in a Facebook post.

Police said the interior doors from the garage into the main house had been left unlocked during the night, but all appeared normal inside the house.

The incidents are under investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to call police at (781) 631-1212.

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