Lynn students aid My Brother’s Table

Aborn Elementary School students Meredith Kennedy, Rachel Dana, Eamonn McHale, Georgia Allarie, and Mahlyna Williams package items for My Brother’s Table.


LYNN — Students at Aborn Elementary School collected 100 items per grade to donate to My Brother’s Table in honor of the 100th day of the school year.

Each grade level at the K to 5 school collected a different essential item. Kindergarten students collected bars of soap; first-graders collected shampoo and conditioner; second-graders collected toothpaste; third-graders gathered deodorant; fourth-graders collected granola bars; and fifth-graders collected reading glasses. At least 100 of each were collected.

Elected members of the school’s student council went around to classrooms with posters to collect the items. Notices were also sent home to families. The items were purchased and given by families of the school’s students and will be donated to My Brother’s Table, a Lynn-based organization which provides meals and other services to those in need, today.

“The Aborn families are extremely generous,” said Donna Amico, a first grade teacher and student council coordinator. “They’re always willing to help others.”

Georgia Allaire, 10, a fourth-grader, said she got involved because she likes helping people and thinks it is fun to be on the student council.

Eamonn McHale, 11, a fifth-grader on the student council, said he thinks it’s important to donate the items because people can’t live without the essentials.

“I wanted to get involved because I like seeing happy faces on people that don’t have lots of stuff like we do,” McHale said.

Rachel Dana, 10, another fifth-grader on the student council, agreed.

“I experienced it last year and I loved being a part of it because I like helping others,” Dana said. “I want people to have things so they can be able to survive.”

Amico said Tuesday was officially the 100th day of school, but the donation continued to this week because of the snow. She said Aborn has been doing the collection drive for My Brother’s Table for 20 years, and it is always done on the 100th day of the school year.

“It gives the children a chance to realize that there are less fortunate people and helping others is a good thing,” Amico said.

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