Michele Durgin helped make Lynn special

Michele Durgin was killed in an automobile crash on Jan. 28.

Michele Durgin was not a politician or a city official. But she was part of the fabric that makes Lynn what it is.

The city is full of people who work in positions of anonymity to impact lives. Such anonymity, in fact, that we don’t always see it and get to acknowledge it.

However, we at The Item, because we knew her, got to see this week how one person can make a huge difference in the community.

Her death from an automobile accident Jan. 28 resulted in a huge outpouring of grief that spread through the entire city, especially among the scores of former students and colleagues at St. Mary’s High School, where she spent 23 years as a teacher and administrator. They all converged Thursday at Solimine Funeral Home and Friday at St. Mary’s Church.

The line at Solimine, at its zenith, ran beyond the parking lot and down toward the fire station on Broadway. A wake that was supposed to be over by 8 p.m. didn’t end until 10:20.

We are grateful for the tribute the City of Lynn gave Michele Durgin. We are also grateful for the life she led, and for all the people in the community who positively affect the lives around them.

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