Discussing the Trump administration

President Donald Trump is pictured in this Jan. 31 photo.


MARBLEHEAD — The children of Norma Marks Shribman are sponsoring a panel discussion on the country’s new administration next week, in honor of their late mother.

The Norma Marks Shribman Memorial Town Hall: The New Administration in a New Age will be Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 6:30 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El. The event is free.

“We have a new president and it’s been a tumultuous period, so we’ll probably examine some of that,” said David Shribman, executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and moderator of the panel discussion. “We’ll also examine whether this is a fundamental change in American politics or a logical extension of something else.”

Shribman said the panel will also be discussing whether the dynamic with the press has changed. No topics will be off the table, he added. He expects about 200 people, which was the crowd drawn at the first town hall the Shribman family hosted, last year also at Temple Emanu-El. The discussion then was on the role of religion in public life. He said the event is in memory of his mother.

“She had a special interest in current affairs and we wanted to do something in her honor,” Shribman said.

The event is sponsored by David Shribman, along with his two brothers, Jeffrey Shribman, of Marblehead, Peter Shribman, of Swampscott and his sister, Cindy Liptrop, of Marblehead.

Before he became executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Shribman was the Washington bureau chief at the Boston Globe, where he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1995. A Salem native, he also spent time as a reporter with the Salem News.

Panelists include Mickey Edwards, a former Republican congressman from Oklahoma and former John Quincy Adams lecturer in politics at Harvard University; Kit Seelye, New England bureau chief for the New York Times, who has been with the Times since 1994 and covered six presidential elections; James M. Shannon, former Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts who later served as the Massachusetts Attorney General; and Michael J. Harrington, former Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts, who won a special election in 1969 and was elected to four full terms as a congressman.

Shribman said the panelists were chosen because they are prominent observers of the political scene.

“Every change in administration sends ripple waves through the country and reflects change in the country,” reads a description of the event. “The ascendancy of Donald J. Trump to the White House is no different and in fact, may be an extreme example of both. Temple Emanu-El has assembled a distinguished panel of experts — a diverse group of voices — to examine the Trump administration and the forces that combined to catapult him to power.”

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