Trump’s the topic in Marblehead

An audience listens to a presentation about the Trump Administration’s possible effect on the Supreme Court.


MARBLEHEAD — President-elect Donald Trump will officially take office on Friday, and many Americans are concerned as to what he will do in office. Attorney and former resident Deirdre Robbins spoke at the Abbot Public Library in Marblehead Tuesday night  about the possible effects of the Trump Administration, and the effect it will have on the Supreme Court.

Robbins discussed the history of the Constitution as well as amendments to give context to her speech, and to help the audience understand today’s Supreme Court.

“I think we all know the judge that Trump appoints to fill Justice (Antonin) Scalia’s seat we all know is going to be of a particular attitude or background or approach,” said Robbins. Scalia’s death left the court evenly split, 4-4, along conservative and liberal lines, and Trump has promised to appoint a conservative justice to take his place.

Robbins  gave information on specific cases such as Roe v. Wade, which guarantees women’s reproductive rights,  and Massachusetts v. EPA that went through the Supreme Court, and whether the Constitution prohibits or denies these specific cases.

“Although we don’t take any positions on candidates and parties, we have a lot of positions and we advocate on behalf of those positions, like reproductive choice, we have positions on money in politics, gambling and The League exists on the local level, the state level and the national level,” said Kathy Leonardson of The Marblehead League of women voters.

“One of our big things in The League of Women Voters is civic engagement, keeping the public informed and interested,” said Leonardson.

Robbins talked  about Trump’s potential Supreme Court Justices, and the possible changes that could occur with passed laws. State legal activity, and their individual liberties and freedoms were also discussed, and how the states may choose to enact their freedoms.

“These changes that possibly may happen during this administration might affect some of the issues where we have concerns, the environment is another big one … this is really important for the public and I think it’s really timely,” said Leonardson.

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