New leadership at Summer Street a priority

Superintendent Jane Tremblay chairs a school council meeting in mid-December 2016.


LYNNFIELD — The Summer Street Elementary School will be hiring a new principal as early as the first half of January.

Timothy Doyle, school committee chairman, said a temporary replacement for the position will initially be appointed.

“That will be a top priority on January first,” said Doyle.

Following the resignation of principal Jennifer DiBiase in December, Lynnfield School Superintendent Jane Tremblay and Director of Teaching and Learning Kevin Cyr have been serving as acting principals at the school.

The change in leadership at Summer Street followed an incident on a METCO school bus in November that led to DiBiase’s resignation, as well as the termination of Lelo Masamba, METCO’s Lynnfield coordinator since 1999.

Kara Mauro, director of special services, will serve as METCO director until a new hire can be made by the end of June, said Doyle.

Mauro said in an email that the district has plans to work with METCO to develop a job posting to fill the position for the 2017-2018 school year.

Doyle said he wasn’t aware of any other new positions in the school system.

Doyle looked back on 2016 this week and highlighted several important school department achievements. He said the district tackled a major project in 2016 with the implementation of Understanding by Design (UbD), an idea-sharing system intended to enhance communication district-wide.

In the interest of continuing to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Digital Learning Coordinator Jennifer Judkins said the district also has plans to launch a new Makerspace at Lynnfield Middle School in January.

Lynnfield is one of the few school districts in the state to have a strong Makerspace program, said Judkins, who explained the concept as an area that focuses on student-centered creative play.

Judkins said the district rolled out pilot Makerspaces at the high school and Summer Street School last year and another this year at the Huckleberry Hill Elementary School.

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