Shoreline Protection project to start on Nahant’s East Point

NAHANT–Northeastern University is undertaking a Shoreline Protection project at Canoe Beach at their Marine Science Center on Nahant’s East Point.

For the safety of the public during the project, access to Canoe Beach will temporarily close to the public and the area will be enclosed with construction fencing. The project is expected to last from mid-December through the end of January, weather permitting.

The project is being conducted as a result of extensive studies showing that continued erosion to Canoe Beach will threaten Nahant Road’s ability to provide long-term access to the site and the adjacent Lodge Park, and jeopardizes the public utilities running beneath and adjacent to it.

The Nahant Conservation Commission, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management determined that the construction of a sacrificial dune was the best approach to provide protection and mitigate risk of damage. The solution also includes beach nourishment, which will assist in the dispersion of energy from damaging waves during a storm event.

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