Beach Sales brings ’em in on Black Friday

Howie Freedman shows a dryer to longtime customer Artie Ellf on Black Friday at Beach Sales Discount Appliances & Electronics in Revere. 


REVERE When Christina and Gene McKenna’s oven stopped working on Thanksgiving morning, they knew where they would be going on Black Friday.

“I’m 67 and we’ve been coming to Beach Sales for our appliances since I was 25,” Gene said. “I purchased our first product here when my wife was pregnant and there was a heat wave. I came down to get an air conditioner and they were like $400. They let me take it home and pay when I had the money. We’re customers for life.”

Christina set out to cook her first turkey on Thursday, but the oven temperature wouldn’t rise enough to cook it.

“The light turned on to say it was at 350 (degrees) but it wasn’t cooking,” Gene said.

He found a thermometer and measured the temperature himself, finding that it wouldn’t rise above 250 degrees. To alleviate the problem he cranked it up to 500 degrees, much to his wife’s dismay.

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The Revere couple started planning for a trip to Beach Sales Discount Appliances & Electronics on VFW Parkway. They saved $200 on a GE gas range oven that retailed for $799.

Howie Freedman, owner of the 70-year-old family business, said Black Friday sales are spread throughout the month for many appliance retailers.

“We’re a destination store; it’s not like we’re in a big mall,” Freedman said. “We call it Black November.”

A 36-inch, five-door KitchenAid refrigerator in black stainless (the new popular color), was being sold for $3,899 a few days ago. It was on sale for $2,999 on Friday. The appliance has soft-close doors for produce and temperature controls for individual sections, Freedman said.

A 75-inch 4K television with high dynamic range cost $5,000 when it was unveiled in June. Two weeks later the price dropped by $1,500 and on Friday it was lowered to $2,999.

Salesmen check the manufacturer’s prices daily to adjust the store’s prices, Freedman said. The prices are competitive with major retailers. A dozen sales had been made as of noon Friday.

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