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Plummer Foster Care seeks caring adults

LOWELL — Thousands of young people exit the foster care system every year without a family to call their own. They often face homelessness, unemployment and worse. Plummer Foster Care is seeking adults interested in helping these youth.

Adults who foster teens and older youth can make a profound difference. When young people in foster care begin to understand that a foster parent is committed to them and is determined to help them find a permanent family, it frees them to begin to heal.

Foster parents understand how harmful it is for a child to keep bouncing around from place to place and are willing to do the best they can to make their home the last stop before that child finds a permanent family. Sometimes the foster family may indeed become the permanent family; many times they will not.

Plummer Foster Care believes that every young person, no matter what age, deserves what all kids deserve: a lifelong family. Plummer provides foster parent training and extra support for our foster families to hang in through the tough times. Young people in foster care do best when a permanent family is the goal for them. The path to that permanent family is through a committed foster family.

For more information and to learn about foster care training sessions, call 978-935-9555.

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