Election Day 2016: Voters react at Marshall Middle School

Ramon Perez leaves the Thurgood Marshall Middle School after voting early Tuesday evening.


LYNN–There was a steady stream of voters at the Thurgood Marshall Middle School with just one hour left before the polls closed. Oscar Martinez, a 27-year-old truck driver who was born in the Dominican Republic, cast his vote for charter schools on Question 2 and Donald Trump.

“Having more charter schools will give families more choices,” he said.  “And I voted for Donald Trump because we have no choice. Hillary has been there for a while and hasn’t made much of a difference. I  am not worried about what Trump says about immigration because he lacks the power to do what he wants, the Congress will keep him in check.”

Ramon Perez, a maintenance worker, said he voted for Hillary Clinton.

“I feel more comfortable with her than Donald Trump because I’m a Latino and Mr. Trump has been rude to us,” said Perez, 57.


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