Election Day 2016: Tough choices in Nahant

Nicole Passanisi, with little boy,  Jackson Smith, and Carol Nelson at the polling location at Nahant Town Hall. Jackson is ringing a bell when first time voters come into the station to vote.


NAHANT–Joseph Moccia won’t say who he voted for in the presidential race. But one thing is for sure, the 69-year-old Nahant builder doesn’t think much of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

“It reminds me of that Bufferin Aspirin ad that asks: would you trade a headache for an upset stomach? There was no clear candidate that would save us,” he said. “Each have qualities that I admire, but they both have qualities I don’t like.”

David and Andrea Hathaway were fired up about Question 2 on expanding charter schools. Both voted no.

“As a public school teacher in Peabody, I’ve seen kids from charter schools come back,” Andrea Hathaway said. “We take everyone and charter schools don’t.”


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