Election Day 2016: Students get in on the vote in Peabody

Elisa Kola, 16, Andee Mae Sims, 16, and Isaac Neves, 17, work the mock children’s polling place at Peabody High School.


PEABODY–Juniors Elisa Kola, 16, Isaac Neves,17 and Andee Mae Sims, 16, were part of a group running a kid’s polling station at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School.

“A kid will come in and we make it seem like a real ballot so that when they grow up they know what to do,” said Neves.

Election wardens emphasized that no electioneering can take place within 150 feet of the polls. That includes hats or pins with a candidate’s name. Russell said that campaign buses dropping off senior citizens at polling places for voting must maintain a distance.

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